1996 Custom Skip Frye: Now & Then

Greetings, Shredderz! Happy Fryeday to you and yours. Today we’ve got a real gem for you: a Skip Frye surfbard that was ordered back in 1996, and has been cared for by its original owner over the past twenty five years. Many thanks to Brian for sharing this special stick.

The Skip has some insane touches, starting with a triple stringer setup, logos along the rails, and of course, that next level fabric inlay. Another cool thing to note: Brian actually made the tail block himself in high school wood shop.

Brian tells me everything was custom: the triple stringers had to be ordered from Clark Foam, via Mitch’s Surf Shop, and finding the right fabric for the inlay required endless trips to different fabric stores in the area. The board was glassed at Moonlight Glassing.

One of the coolest things about this board is the fact Brian has a pic back from the day he picked it up in 1996 at the old Harry’s Surf Shop, and then another one from last year, when he was able to show Skip the board again. It’s cool to write up awesome boards like this one, but it’s even better when they have some history behind them — in this case, twenty five years and still going strong!

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