Lost Track Atlantic feat. Torren Martyn

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post features a subject that’s practically guaranteed to infuriate crusty yet sensitive locals everywhere. Torren Martyn drives an outfitted camper van, he surfs channel bottom mid length twin fins and he’s sponsored by a direct-to-consumer wetsuit company. Unfortunately for those who believe the above combination is a sign of the surfing apocalypse, Martyn not only rips, but he makes some awesome surf films as well. Martyn and photographer Ishka Folkwell‘s last edit was the excellent “Lost Track New Zealand”. This time around they’re back for a four part miniseries focusing on the Atlantic Ocean, starting off in Scotland and Ireland for some meaty winter swells. You can watch the first episode of “Lost Track Atlantic” below, and check out Need Essentials’ site for more info about Martyn and Folkwell’s adventures.

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