Championship Surfing and Rolex

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’re switching things up just a bit. I’m not afraid to say it: what you see below is a little classier than the usual Sagas of Shred fare.

I stumbled across this old Rolex ad and was surprised at how well they nailed the surf aesthetic. If you read the ad closely, Rolex was actually a sponsor for International Professional Surfing (IPS), which was a predecessor to the World Surfing League. The copy is a little on the hokey side, but it’s a beautiful photograph (not sure who the surfer is or who took the pic), and dare I say the watch is actually a nice complement to the imagery. Generally speaking, there’s a low bar for non-surf brands who try and incorporate the sport into their marketing campaigns, but Rolex did a great job on this one.

Thanks for reading, and next Thursday I promise Sagas of Shred will return to its reliably lowbrow programming.

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