Jack Meyer for Ocean Pacific

Greetings, Shredderz! I’m sure many of you will be happy to learn that today’s post is light on text and heavy on the images. It’s only fitting, given that Jack Meyer‘s awesome airbrush artwork is on display.

Thanks to KC for sending me the photos of this Ocean Pacific single fin pictured above. I’m happy to report the OP board has made its way back to the Meyer family. This is becoming something of a tradition; see this earlier post about an incredible Channel Islands single fin that KC found and also graciously returned to the Meyer family.

Dolphins are a recurring theme in Meyer’s artwork, and as you can see, this board boasts a particularly killer rendition. I’m amazed that the board and the artwork are both in such great shape. I’m guessing it was shaped in the 70s or maybe the early 80s, and the artwork still pops. I’m told the board is all original.

Even Meyer’s signature has plenty of flair to spare.

Thanks again to KC for sharing the photos you see here, and more importantly, for ensuring that this board is back in the hands of Jack Meyer’s relatives.

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