Stussy Yard Sale, John Elwell & More

Greetings, Shredderz! See below for some social media selections from the past month or so.

Pat Curren as captured by John Elwell, who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. I don’t know much about Elwell, but upon reading Richard Kenvin’s excellent tribute, it’s clear that Elwell had a huge impact on surfing and he will be dearly missed.

Linda Benson was another surfer in Elwell’s orbit. Here she is with a very early Donald Takayama shape, circa 1968. You don’t see a ton of super early Takayamas, so it’s always cool to come across them, and even better when they’re paired with great surfers like Linda. Liquid Salt ran a great interview with Benson you can find here.

Here’s the late, great Ben Aipa with not one but two incredible rides. Gimme one of these over a customized Sprinter van any day.

Last but not least, Shawn Stussy recently held a “yard sale” where he sold about 50 brand new hand shaped boards. Sadly, it looks like my quest for a new hand shaped Stussy board continues. In the meantime there were some great photos documenting the event.

Photo at the top of the page by Shawn Stussy

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