Stussy Twin Fin, Pinline Bonanza Pt II & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’re trying something new, and it has everything to do with you wonderful people. Shout out to anyone and everyone who has taken the time to send pics and share stories of boards that they love. I’m sorry I can’t publish all of them, but I appreciate every message I get. Dare I say Shred Sledz has even become something of a community over the years. Connecting with people who share my love of surfboards and surf history is one of the best parts about writing this humble blog.

Here are some recent submissions I’ve received from all you Shredderz out there, which I thought were deserving of a longer look. Keep scrolling for some recent gems that found their way to my inbox:

Last week I wrote up a killer Sunset Surfboards single fin with some truly mind boggling resin pinlines on the deck. Charles Adler reached out and shared photos of a very similar Infinity sting he used to own. Adlers Infinity is at the top; the aforementioned Sunset board is directly above this paragraph. As you can see the pinlines are nearly identical. I’m dying to know what the story is. Did the same owner order two intricate designs from different shapers? Did someone just get bored at the glass shop one day and decide to go crazy on two unsuspecting sticks? Anyway, Adler does some great work at the intersection of art and surfing. Check out his work on his site here.

If, like me, you are bummed that you couldn’t make it to Shawn Stussy‘s board sale this past Saturday, the stick above should be a nice consolation prize. This is not just a vintage board but also a vintage photo. Shred Sledz reader Rich sent me the pic above, which was taken in 1980. This places the board at the very beginning of the Stussy label, and you can even see the older version of the logo towards the nose. I’ve been told that Stussy shaped some promo boards for the Stubbies contest, and this must be one of them. Stussy’s artwork from 40 years ago still looks fresh and provocative today.

Thanks to Kendall for sharing pics of this classic T&C twin fin. You can follow Kendall on Instagram here. You just can’t beat that color combo! Not sure who shaped this sled but it’s a beaut.

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