Atlantic Juice & Skip Frye Fish Down Under

Greetings, Shredderz! Here’s a selection of some surf videos I’ve been enjoying lately.

No, I’m not contractually obligated to post about every single new Lost Track episode, but can you blame me? This time around Torren Martyn samples Morocco’s macking right hand point breaks, and the results are spectacular. “Lost Track: Atlantic” is a wonderful modern update on the classic surf trip film (albeit in the form of a four part series), and I can’t wait to see where Martyn and filmmaker Ishka Folkwell head next.

I wrote up Tristan Mausse’s Fantastic Acid Parlementia gun a few months ago. I believe it’s still one of the cooler surfboards I have written up all year, so check out the post if you’re curious. I was pleasantly surprised when the YouTube recommendations algorithm read my mind and served up some footage of Mausse surfing a Parlementia gun in the exact kind of Atlantic juice for which it was designed. The clip is short but I’m all about the brevity, and Mausse’s stylish rail grabs.

Last but not least we have surfing multi-hyphenate Andrew Kidman surfing some Skip Frye twin fin fishes in Australia. For all the hype about Skip’s boards, there isn’t a ton of good video content featuring his shapes, but I’m glad this clip is the exception to that rule.

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