Skip Frye Odds & Ends

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a random selection of Skip Frye boards I’ve seen floating around the internet here and there. There are some rad selections, including a K Model with some beautiful touches, a classic fish, and more. Keep reading to see the full rundown.

6’0″ Skip Frye Twin Fin Fish

I posted this fish on Instagram a little while back, but man, it’s too good not to revisit. What I initially thought was a purple resin pinline turns out to be a killer double pinline around the rails. This thing is so clean and classic. The board was sold a while back on Craigslist.

7’6″ Skip Frye K Model

Here’s a snazzy Skip Frye K Model that I believe was sold a year ago, when the board was brand new. According to the seller, the dimensions are 7’6″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″. I’m a little taken aback by what I believe are resin pin lines on the board, which thicken towards the nose. It’s not something you see on a lot of Skips. This isn’t necessarily what I’d put in for a custom order but I think it looks great.

Skip Frye Quad Fin Egg 7’2″

According to the seller, this is an unusual example of a Skip Frye quad fin egg. I personally haven’t seen any other examples of other quad fin Skips (with the exception of a twinzer), but I’d be curious to ask someone who really knows their history. The seller claims that the board was shaped in the 90s, and that Skip tried his hand at shaping quad fin eggs, and decided to move on after making twenty or so similar shapes. Again, I have zero idea if this is true, but I do get the sense that quad fin Skips are pretty rare.

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