Twin Fin Tuesday: Liddle, Aipa & Pavel

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another post highlighting some recent reader submissions. As always, thank you to anyone and everyone that has taken the time to send pics and/or share stories. It’s always cool to hear from folks who are stoked about their boards and the stories behind them. This time around we’ve got a trio of twin fins for your perusing pleasure, via well regarded shapers like Greg Liddle, Ben Aipa (kind of) and Rich “Toby” Pavel. Keep reading for more.

Liddle Twin Fin Fish

Thanks to Rylan for sharing photos of this unique sled. Greg Liddle is, of course, best known for his displacement hulls. That said I’ve seen a variety of Liddle shapes, especially 70s single fins (see here and here for earlier examples I’ve written up.) I’ve also seen a handful of Liddle thrusters, and some 2+1 boards. This is one of a handful of Liddle twin fins I have seen. There’s a twin fin kneeboard fish listed on the Liddle website and it’s dated to 1988 or 1989. I’m guessing Rylan’s board, pictured above, might have been shaped around the same time, but I can’t say for sure. Check out the rare crash test dummy Liddle logo, too. You can follow Rylan on Instagram here.

Aipa Surfing’s New Image Twin Fin Sting

I’ve written up the Aipa Surfing’s New Image stings many times before, but this is a rare example of a twin fin version. Thanks to Robert for sending me pics of this stick. You can follow him on Instagram here. Not sure who shaped this one, or what the story is behind the twin fin sting, exactly — I can’t recall whether or not I’ve seen any twin fin stings shaped by Ben Aipa — but I love this one. By contrast, this post features another Aipa / Surfing’s New Image twin fin, but it’s not a sting. The two tone paint job is rad, too.

Choice Surfboards Rich Pavel Twin Fin

Last but not least, we have a beautiful coke bottle tinted Choice Surfboards twin fin keel fish shaped by Rich “Toby” Pavel. Thanks Justin for sending this one along — you can check him out on Instagram here. This is a killer sled, and I love the understated Choice logo on the bottom, especially paired with the dual Greenroom Surfboard logos. Not sure when it was shaped but dang it looks like it’d be a blast to ride.

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