1980 Stussy Single Fin, Dane Kealoha & Rick Rasmussen

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest edition of the Social Media Roundup. Below you’ll find a hand picked selection of some of my favorite Instagram posts from over the past month.

Gordinho, AKA Paul Cohen, is a photographer who has been based in Hawaii since the 70s. He has been posting some incredible content on Instagram, including this Dane Kealoha slideshow.

I am writing this post live and direct from Long Island, New York. It is where I grew up and first fell in love with the ocean. I’m always thrilled to see New Yorkers who have an impact on surfing. There’s a ton of NY history packed into this photo, starting with the Rick Rasmussen-shaped single fin to the left of TC, and the fact the photo was taken by Long Island native Mikey DeTemple. Growing up in the 90s there wasn’t much to cheer on about NY surfing, but now, thanks to all the aforementioned folks, not to mention stalwarts like Balaram Stack and even surf media types like Ryan Cannon of Log Rap, the Empire State is representing better than ever.

Here is a very early Stussy single fin. To no one’s surprise, Stussy’s boards were sporting top shelf artwork well before the label’s popularity caught up to its quality. I believe Stussy was founded in 1980, and given this board is numbered 143, I think it’s likely it was one of the first 150 or so shapes for the now legendary brand.

This is a beautiful photo that captures so much of what I love about surfing. Nothing more, nothing less.

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