70s G&S Fish, Stussy Mid-Length & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. There’s a couple of really cool boards currently listed for sale, including a racy little 70s G&S kneeboard, a newer Shawn Stussy mid-length and a few other gems. Per Grab Bag rules and regulations, all of the boards below are still listed as of publishing time. Keep scrolling for more.

5’5″ 70s Gordon & Smith Fish Twin Fin (Craigslist Orange County)

The fish is one of the most influential surfboard designs of all time. I really love seeing early versions of the design, like the G&S twin fin pictured above. San Diego kneeboarder Steve Lis is widely credited with creating the fish in the late 60s. I’ve seen a few of these early G&S fish / kneeboard designs, which I always find so cool. Not sure if there was any official collaboration between Lis and G&S, but I imagine there had to be some sort of exchange of ideas, given that both Lis and G&S were based out of San Diego at the time.

7’10” S Double Shawn Stussy El Capitan Mid-Length (Craigslist Los Angeles)

I’m thinking this board came from Stussy’s recent yard sale, where he unloaded a bunch of hand shapes that I believe were crafted during quarantine. Simply put I’d love one of Shawn’s newer shapes. I’m also surprised to see the ad is still up (though I suppose the board could have been sold). To me, $1,100 for a basically new Stussy shape is a great deal. That said I haven’t seen the board in person. I love the offset high density foam stringers, too.

8’6″ Sunset Surfboards Bill Shrosbree Model T (Craigslist San Diego)

Last but not least we have a mini longboard from Sunset Surfboards and shaper Bill Shrosbree. Side note: Sunset Surfboards will be re-launching soon, as the brand is now under the stewardship of San Diego shaper Todd McFarland. Follow along on Instagram here. I for one am excited to see what comes out of Sunset going forward. As for this piece, it’s a neat vintage mini longboard. I was surprised to see it’s only 8’6″. I’ve never seen another Sunset Model T board so I’m not sure what that entails. The board is $395, which strikes me as a great deal (again, I haven’t seen the board in person, so buyer beware.)

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