Surfer’s Choice: Takayama Teriyaki Sauce

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a quick hit for you regarding a very cool board that was recently listed for sale. Shout out to KC for sending this board my way.

Pictured here is a 9′ Donald Takayama longboard with a thruster setup and a whole bunch of rad stuff happening in the visuals department. The most prominent detail is the “Surfers Choice Teriyaki Sauce” laminate that appears on the bottom of the board towards the nose. As you probably guessed from the laminate, Donald used to have a bottled Teriyaki sauce under the Surfers Choice label (and a pineapple marinade). You can even find the recipe for his teriyaki sauce here. And if you want more on the story behind Surfers Choice, check out this great 1990 LA Times profile of Takayama.

I haven’t had the chance to sample Surfers Choice Teriyaki Sauce, but I can tell you for a fact that the logo is all time. That’s Donald, perched on the nose, with Diamond Head in the background. I’ve seen a decent number of these Takayama boards with the Surfers Choice logos, but I couldn’t tell you how unusual they are.

I’m also digging the eight Donald Takayama Noserider laminates located in a strip towards the nose of the board. If you look closely you can also see some of the subtle details with the airbrush — there’s a different pattern contained within the oval logo and across the horizontal strip, plus a simple black pin line around the rails to finish things off.

According to the original listing, the board is 9′ long. I am guessing this is is Takayama’s Classic Noserider outline, but don’t quote me. I’m not sure when the board was shaped, although the thruster tells us it was at least sometime during the 80s, though I feel like it might be a little later than that. One other curious thing to note: as far as I can tell, the board isn’t signed anywhere. It’s no secret Donald used production shapers, especially towards the end of his career, so I don’t know how much to even read into that fact, but it’s always worth noting these details.

Thanks again to KC for sending over this killer Takayama Surfers Choice Teriyaki board!

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