An Exceptional Eighties Stussy Twin Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! For those of you who aren’t yet aware, Shred Sledz is very much a pro-Shawn Stussy blog. Surfboards might only be a small part of the Stussy story, but that’s where it all started. As for how it ended, well, Stussy has had an incredible impact on not just fashion but modern street culture, and both the brand and its namesake (who is no longer involved with Stussy the entity) are still going strong today.

I love the surfboards Stussy shaped in the 70s under the Russell Surfboards label, many of which I have featured on the blog. That said, his 80s shapes are probably his most popular and coveted shapes, and for good reason. As much as I love the artwork on Stussy’s 70s boards, there’s no denying the fact that his visual aesthetic really hit its stride during the infamous Echo Beach era of the 80s. Featured here is an absolutely insane 80s Stussy twin fin that captures so much of what I love about Stussy’s 80s sticks. This board was listed for sale on Esteem Surf’s website, but it looks to have been sold. All of the photos you see here are via the Esteem site.

I honestly can’t get over how clean this board is. As far as I can tell it is all original. The colors are so intense and over the top, and as you can see, there’s some patented abstract artwork on the deck. It’s interesting to note the jagged lines in the yellow logo on the deck — I’ve heard that early on, these logos were done by hand, which would definitely make sense here.

And what do you know, the bottom on the board also looks impeccable. I love the contrast between the bold, bright colors of the deck and the clean bottom (by the standards of 80s surfboards, a mere three oversized logos is considered low key). I have no idea what the “Dancing with Myself” inscription refers to, but it sounds cool. You can also see the difference between the two logos: the top logo, in blue, has the jagged lines I referred to earlier; the pink logo, right above the fins, does not.

I love this shot of the wings towards the tail. Stussy shaped a bunch of twin fins during the 80s. Lately it seems like Stussy has been pairing twin fin or 2+1 setups with mid-length templates for his new S Double boards, which look super fun.

Last but not least, here’s a closeup of the signature on the board. I believe Stussy’s boards were more or less sequentially numbered, at least for a good chunk of the 80s. If this is true, that indicates that at #415, this is probably a pretty early board — I’d hazard a guess at 1981 / 1982, but I could totally be wrong.

Once again all the photos in the post originally appeared here. This board was just too pretty not to feature! As always, if you’ve got photos of another Shawn Stussy twin fin and it’s half as clean as this one, you know where to find me.

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  1. Chongo says:

    “Dancing withMyself” is a reference to a song by Generation-X/Billy Idol. There are other boards with song titles such as “Dance this Mess Around” by the B52-s, etc.