Mid-Length Madness

Greetings, Shredderz! If you’ve paid attention to surfboard trends lately, you have no doubt noticed that the mid-length is having its moment. What is the difference between a mid-length and an egg, you ask? That’s a great question, and honestly, I’m not sure! What I do know is that while eggs and other so-called funboard shapes were often overlooked by large surfboard manufacturers, this is starting to change. It’s interesting to see labels who have historically focused on high performance shapes embrace this trend. Obviously, I love vintage surfboards and hand shaped sticks. At the same time I have nothing but admiration and respect for the offerings from …Lost Surfboards, Channel Islands et al, even if I find those boards a bit less interesting than the usual fare here on the blog. A few labels have recently released some videos to go along with their new mid-length offerings, and I think it’s cool to see a number of people trying some new things. Keep scrolling for more.

Harrison Roach puts on an absolute clinic on JS Industries’ new Big Baron model in this clip. For Roach, a mid-length is not just an excuse to take it easy: he’s whipping some huge turns and tucking into some pits on this thing. Roach is a versatile and compelling surfer, and this clip was a nice reminder to keep a close eye on any new edits from the guy. For more info on the design of the Big Baron model, check out the clip from JS Industries here.

Here’s Craig Anderson on a Haydenshapes mid-length glider. I think this video is a really wonderful contrast to Roach’s clip above. Anderson seems to lean more into the stylistic flair of riding a longer board, and I really enjoyed the little touches, like the way he grabs the rail in some of these frontside tubes.

Last but not least here’s a video from about a year ago, featuring Britt Merrick’s breakdown of Channel Islands’ CI Mid model, along with some top shelf surfing from their deep roster of team riders. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: I think there needs to be a much longer edit featuring Devon Howard riding the CI Mid.

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