Diffenderfer Single Fin & A Pair of Chris Brock Twinnies


Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got another collection of submissions sent in from you, the readers! There’s some heat in here, including an early Mike Diffenderfer board and two Greenough-influenced kneeboards from Aussie label Sky Surfboards. Thanks again to anyone and everyone who’s taken the time to send pics of some rad sticks. Without any further ado, here are the goods:

Transition Era Diffenderfer Single Fin

Thanks to Hank — fantastic name, by the way! — for sending in photos of this gorgeous Mike Diffenderfer single fin. I believe that’s a W.A.V.E. Set fin box, so the board was probably shaped in the late 60s, perhaps early 70s. I’m fascinated by all things Diff — even more so after learning that Dick Brewer regarded Diffenderfer as his biggest rival — and it’s cool to see an example of one of his Transition Era shapes. For more Diff, check out this awesome sting I wrote up a little while ago. This one is actually for sale, so hit up Hank if you’re in the market!

Sky Surfboards Chris Brock Tri Plane Hull Twin Fins

George Greenough’s influence is everywhere in surfing. The Tri Plane Hull, while made famous by Al Merrick, was inspired by surfing’s most famous reclusive genius. Byron Bay’s Sky Surfboards was producing Tri Plane Hull designs before the bottom contour made its way to California. Greenough designed the Tri Plane Hull alongside collaborators Chis Brock and Michael Cundith.

Here are two killer Sky kneeboard / twin fins, both shaped by Brock. Thanks to Lachie for sending these over. Both of these boards are an absolute trip. Check out the subtle wings on the blue board. The white one has a circular George Greenough laminate that I have never seen before.

And look, no one loves surfboard pics more than me…but with all due respect, the action shot above beats them all. There’s Lachie riding the blue Sky twin fin kneeboard and doing it justice. Action photo by @NashySurfPhotos on Instagram.

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