Dogtown Razzle Dazzle: Zephyr Jeff Ho Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! I recently found myself watching “Lords of Dogtown”. As the movie opened with 70s Venice Beach in all its gritty glory, I wondered why I had waited so long to watch the movie. Well, I got my answer as soon as the first surfing scene came on. Hollywood has a rich tradition of butchering surfing and “Lords” fits neatly into that pattern, featuring surfers who magically switch stance and conditions that change between set waves.

Part of what made the surfing in “Lords of Dogtown” so disappointing was the fact that the film got so many details right. The opening scene takes place at the infamous POP Pier, a spot birthed from the wreckage of an abandoned mid-century amusement park. I’ve always been fascinated with POP Pier and its post apocalyptic vibe, between the surrounding environment and its reputation as a heavily regulated spot. Not only did “Lords” depict the right surf spot, the prop department did an insane job, too. The film’s version of Jay Adams and Tony Alva ride era-correct single fins that look accurate down to the laminates.

“Lords of Dogtown” might not have been able to convincingly recreate the 70s heyday of the Dogtown surfing scene, but the same cannot be said for the board featured in today’s post. Seen here is a reissue of a classic 70s Zephyr Surfboards single fin, shaped by Jeff Ho himself. I’m told the board you see here was made as a replica of the board Jeff Ho rides in the Stacy Peralta-directed 2001 documentary “Dogtown and Z-Boys” (which later spawned the fictionalized “Lords of Dogtown.”) Jeff Ho shaped and signed the board, apparently around 2005. I understand Jeff rode the replica himself, and the board was later sold at a RVCA art auction not quite ten years ago. Thank you to JoJo for sharing the photos of the board you see here.

The Zephyr reissue measures in at 8’0″ and you can see it’s still in pristine condition. If you’re into surfboard minimalism, this is not the board for you. It’s got the bright airbrush and no shortage of Zephyr and Jeff Ho logos — which, personally, I am thrilled about.

I know that CR Stecyk’s artwork can be found on some early Zephyr surfboards, but I’m not sure about who airbrushed this one. The details are so killer. I love the ghostly Zephyr logo airbrushed on the stringer towards the tail, for example. The replica looks quite similar to the original 70s boards, but none of the original Zephyrs I’ve seen have quite as many logos and signatures (which, again, I’m very much into.) The only thing missing here is one of Jeff Ho’s signature upright fins.

For those of you who are dying to see this stick in person, I’ve got fantastic news: the Jeff Ho Zephyr Surfboards replica will actually be on display at the upcoming Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida, taking place between September 9 – September 11. Check out Mosaic Museum for more details on where to see the board. Thanks again to Jojo for sharing this faithful recreation of one of the most fascinating and influential eras in surf and skate history, shaped by Jeff Ho himself.

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