Happy Birthday Dick Brewer!

Greetings, Shredderz! Please join me in wishing all-time great Dick Brewer a happy 85th birthday. Brewer is one of the most influential surfboard shapers to ever hold a planer, and there is no doubt that the sport would not be the same without his contributions. He is someone whom I have covered more than a few times over the years. Last year I transcribed this amazing Derek Hynd profile of Dick Brewer, which originally appeared in Surfer Magazine in 1990. I cannot recommend it enough. In my humble opinion, one of the coolest boards I’ve ever written up on this blog is this amazing Terry Fitzgerald Hot Buttered single fin, which Fitz shaped for Brewer as a thank you of sorts for his mentorship. Brewer has collaborated with an amazing range of surfers and shapers over the years, including a ton of Aussies, like the aforementioned Fitz, and too many Americans to name (Pat Rawson et al). Check out the Encyclopedia of Surfing’s typically thorough entry on Brewer, and in the meantime, enjoy this incredible photo of Rabbit Bartholomew with one of Brewer’s signature elephant chasers. (Full writeup on the yellow board can be found here.)

The photo at the top of the page features Brewer surfing Honolua Bay in 1967. Photography Credit: John Witzig.

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