Sky Surfboards Twinny, Jack Meyer Artwork & the Infamous Nat Young Naked Lady Logo

Greetings, Shredderz! One of the things I like most about publishing Shred Sledz is the fact I get sent a ton of awesome stuff. Whether it’s photos of boards, stories of memorable sticks, or questions, it’s great to hear from people. I end up seeing more than my fair share of rare and interesting boards, which I try and share with you all from time to time. I’ve run a few of these posts featuring reader submissions, and at some point I’ll actually turn it into a real deal regular thing, as I love connecting with readers and, of course, seeing more rad boards. This go round we’ve got some gems, including one of the coolest photos I’ve ever run on the blog. Keep reading for more.

A huge shout out to Darren Meyer, who took the photo you can see above. I can’t get over what a beautiful image this is. I personally think it’s one of the cooler photos I’ve ever posted on Shred Sledz. Darren’s uncle is Jack Meyer, who was known for his beautiful airbrush artwork. The photo was taken in the desert in New Mexico.

Thanks to Simon for sharing the photos of this beautiful 70s Nat Young Surf Design single fin. You can find Simon on Instagram here. The Nat Young naked lady logo is all time, if you ask me. The board was signed by Nat, too, although I didn’t include a picture in this post. The best part? Simon’s father owned a surf shop in Barwon Heads, Victoria that was an early distributor for Nat’s shapes. Simon’s dad is pictured below at the far right, holding another Nat Young board with the naked lady laminate. I love that this all came full circle!

I recently wrote up a trio of killer Chris Brock shaped Sky Surfboards twin fins, which has led to more great submissions from you all. Here’s another Sky / Chris Brock twin fin kneeboard with an amazing pastel spray job and a very cool channel bottom setup. Many thanks to Graham in Newcastle for sharing. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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