Black Rain, Tosh in Hawaii & John John Down South

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest installment of Clipz. Here are some videos I’ve enjoyed lately:

Tosh Tudor is in Hawaii, continuing the family tradition of ripping on a wide variety of shapes. This video has a criminally low 477 views as of publishing time and it deserves a whole lot more. The clip was filmed and edited by Hayden Garfield. I’d love more info on the various boards Tosh is riding. If you look closely you can see the blue board is a fish from Thomas Surfboards. I’m wondering if the yellow board isn’t one shaped by Joe Blair. Joel Tudor has been posting about a bunch of Blair boards lately, and if my eyes don’t deceive me you can see one of Blair’s signature nose channels. There’s a ton of stylish surfing packed into this brief two minute edit.

Well whaddya know, it’s yet another Clipz entry featuring a John John Florence edit. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. This time around Florence is joined by Dave Rastovich and Dan Ross to a trip down to Southern Australia. There’s also a cameo from legendary surf photog Ted Grambeau. This is older footage — was it featured in a Surfer’s Journal piece at point, maybe? — but it’s as fresh as ever. You wouldn’t think it given the millions he’s made, but it appears Florence is focused on the ocean and all the adventures it holds. Dare I say John John and Rasta, despite their very different careers, represent soul surfing at its finest.

Here’s a rad mini edit from Deus Ex Machina featuring Harrison Roach on a little twin fin fish, charging some proper right hand barrels. Come for the surfing; stay for the moody visuals and the matching soundtrack.

Finally, if you think we still haven’t argued enough about whether to call these boards eggs or mid-lengths, the Aussies also refer to them as mini-mals. Whatever your preferred nomenclature, there’s no debating that Roach surfs the shit out of this particular stick.

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