Takayama Teriyaki Egg

Greetings, Shredderz! Today (November 16) is Donald Takayama’s birthday, and he would have been 78. Given Shred Sledz is a blog about vintage surfboards, I can’t think of a better way to say happy birthday than to feature one of Donald’s shapes. I recently wrote up a Takayama longboard with a Surfer’s Choice Teriyaki Sauce laminate. This time around we’ve got a killer 7’6″ egg that also bears the awesome teriyaki sauce laminates.

Many thanks to Cameron Davila, who scored this sled on Craigslist and sent me the photos you sent here. You can follow Cam on Instagram: @camdavila.

The egg is super clean, and as you can see in the photo above, the Surfer’s Choice laminate is still in great shape. That’s Donald himself on the nose and you can see Oahu’s Diamond Head in the background.

The Takayama egg measures 7’6″ and it has a thruster setup, with a removable center fin. The outline of the egg looks a little more pulled in from other examples I’ve seen, like this yellow board below. On the other hand, here’s another Takayama egg I wrote up, whose outline looks pretty similar to the teriyaki logo board featured above.

Lately I’ve also been geeking out of fins of all kinds, and especially some of Takayama’s fin designs. Here’s a closer look at the removable center fin from the board, which has some helpful measurements on the side. As you can see, the center fin measures in at 4.75″.

Last but not least there’s a clear signature on the board as well. The purple frigate bird logo is a primo detail. I’m not sure when exactly this would have been shaped. I want to say the removable center fins were sometime in the latter half of the 80s, maybe early 90s, so that’s my best guess.

Thanks again to Cam for sharing the pics of this beautiful Takayama egg!

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