Banzai by Con Surfboards

Greetings, Shredderz! As is the Sagas of Shred custom, we’ve got another vintage surf ad for you this beautiful Thursday night. I found this killer Con Surfboards ad on Pinterest. You can find the original link here. It looks like a gentleman by the name of Timothy Sullivan has been uploading some super high quality scans of vintage surf ads. He’s built up quite the stash, so check ’em out if you’re interested.

Con Surfboards is one of my all time favorite vintage surf labels, and I’ve featured their ads on Shred Sledz more than a few times. The one you see here is definitely from the 60s, though I can’t say what year. The use of red is something you see in other Con ads from the era. Here’s a 1963 Con Surfboards ad, which is black & white; and this 70s spot, featuring Tony Alva and Jay Adams, has got to be one of the coolest surf ads ever. I actually ended up hearing from Stephanie Akers Cohen, the graphic designer who did the Alva & Adams ad, and wrote up some more of her work here.

And speaking of graphic design, I just really dig the look of the ad above. It seems like a lot of these 60s ads were limited to one color, and the results are simple but striking visuals. It’s also cool to see the close up shots of the fins.

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