Tuesday Night Grab Bag: Haut, DVS & Eaton

Greetings, Shredderz! We’ve got an eclectic mix of boards for you today. By now hopefully you know the drill with the grab bag: all the boards listed below are for sale as of the time the blog post was published. Whether it’s a 1990s interpretation of a 60s classic, from a Northern California fixture, to 70s Aussie single fins, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for more.

30th Anniversary Doug Haut Longboard (Craigslist Reno)

Here’s a neat one: a Doug Haut longboard shaped in 1996 for the 30th anniversary of the Haut Surfboards label. Dims are 9’0″ x 21 1/2″ x 2 7/8″. Bird of Bird’s Surf Shed recently got a 9’1″ Haut for himself. Like politics, all surfing is local, and it’s very cool to see this San Diego / Santa Cruz crossover. From what I understand the 90s were a strange time for longboards, and it’s cool to see the details on this one, like the fin box and the Haut take on a cutaway fin. In my opinion the price is a bit steep on this one but it’s a beautiful board from an esteemed California shaper.

Dick Van Straalen Single Fin (Craigslist San Diego)

Here’s what looks to be an original 70s single fin from Aussie shaper Dick Van Straalen. There isn’t a ton of info online about Van Straalen, despite his stature. This mini-biography on Rare Surf Tees is the best one I could find. Van Straalen moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast in the late 60s, and he’s made boards for a huge swath of top Aussie pros, ranging from Rabbit Bartholomew to some more recent collaborations with Dave Rastovich. I feel like you don’t see too many DVS boards in the States, so here’s a chance to grab one.

11′ Mike Eaton Zinger Bonzer Glider (Craigslist SF Bay Area)

Last but not least we’ve got 11′ of four finned righteousness, courtesy of the late, great Mike Eaton. Eaton’s Zinger is a twinzer-inspired take on the classic bonzer design.

If that pic doesn’t make you stop and zoom, I don’t know what will. The board is priced at $1,100, and I want to say it’s been on sale for a while now. I’m surprised no one has made a bid for it, especially given the popularity of gliders nowadays. I think this is a fair price for a whole lot of surfboard, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

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