“Here Now: Past & Present” A Shred Sledz Film

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post is a special one. I’m thrilled to premiere “Here Now: Past & Present”, the first original Shred Sledz film. “Here Now” is an exploration of the evolution of Marc Andreini’s famous Vaquero model (initially called the 365). Marc was generous enough to lend his time and knowledge to the project, in addition to hand shaping a board for us to use. The film features surfing by Darshan Gooch and it was filmed and directed by Kyle Buthman. You can view the film directly below:

Shred Sledz can be traced back to a day about 8 years ago when I purchased an Andreini Serena off the used rack at Mollusk. The board — which I still have and surf regularly — started me on my current journey of learning about surf history and surfboard design.

As I got the opportunity to meet Marc, I grew to admire not just his boards, but also how generous he was with his time and his knowledge. Marc is a student of surf history. His familiarity and appreciation for the craftsmen that laid the foundation for modern board building clearly comes across in his work. Check out “The Gift”, Marc’s excellent book, for more.

What I love about surf history is the fact it can be immediately applied in the present. Learning about the evolution of surfboard design is as simple as paddling out on an old board and riding it. Whereas, say, if you want to learn about ancient Egypt, you can read books and maybe even visit the pyramids, but there is no way to live that experience first hand.

“Here Now” is an attempt to take surf history, apply it in the present, and capture the results. Darshan surfs both a vintage 365 model made sometime in the 70s, and a modern Vaquero that Marc shaped immediately after seeing the old board. The Vaquero in the film was made in Marc’s shaping room near Half Moon Bay, and Darshan and Kyle both hail from Santa Cruz. Surfing is inextricably linked to geography, and it’s my hope that the film expresses some of the beauty and character of this stretch of California coast.

If nothing else, I’m so stoked to have footage of Darshan absolutely ripping on a cool vintage board, captured by a talented filmmaker. It was a pleasure to work with Darshan and Kyle, who were the driving creative forces behind the film you see here. Thank you to everyone who made “Here Now: Past & Present” happen: Marc Andreini, Darshan Gooch, Kyle Buthman, Kirk Putnam, Jesse McNamara, Bryce Suba, the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild, Anthony Camacho and Ola Canvas. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I do!

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  1. LLL says:

    Who does the song in this film? Been looking for that info everywhere. Shazam didn’t even recognize it.

  2. GMp says:

    Great micro documentary! I love reading/listening to the old shapers and how they learned their craft. Gooch really makes both boards look easy to surf even though he says otherwise. Well done!

  3. Brian says:

    beautiful film! thanks for sharing