How Do You Say Bonzer in Aussie?

Greetings, Shredderz! I posted a rad vintage 70s Bonzer earlier today on Instagram — scroll to the bottom to see — and that got me started down a bit of an internet rabbit hole.

One of my favorite pieces of surf trivia is the fact that the Bonzer is known as the Bonza in Australia. Gordon & Smith’s Australian licensee produced the Bonza with the help of Peter “PT” Townend. I found this G&S Bonza ad on a blog called Stevecore.

The ad describes how the Bonza’s famous concave bottom creates a Venturi effect. I also love how the ad instructs readers to ring up the store and have a chat with PT about his board. Sadly, I don’t think any top name pros are fielding phone calls to sell their signature shapes.

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