Modern Maestros Part Deux: Social Media Roundup

Ryan Lovelace

Greetings, Shredderz! A few months back I wrote a Social Media Roundup entry featuring some of my favorite contemporary craftsmen. It’s time for a follow up and I’m stoked to share some sweet sticks from modern shapers and glassers. Keep reading for more.

The art on this Tyler Surfboards stick was done by none other than Peter St Pierre of Christenson Moonlight Glassing. It is nothing short of mind blowing. For some more killer work by St Pierre, check out this insane Christenson gun he did for big wave charger Greg Long, featuring artwork comprised entirely of resin panels.

Damn, this one ticks all the boxes. Look at the detail on those double pinlines! Oooo weee. The fiberglass leash loop is clean and classy. And seeing that bright red fin peeking out of the bottom is perfect.

Here’s another all resin masterpiece, shaped by Ryan Lovelace and glassed by Angelo AKA Flow & Soul AKA @angke_loveflowandsoul. Swipe for a closeup shot of the detail. I love how this board isn’t flashy or too over the top but still mind blowing. Check out Angelo’s website for more pics of his work.

This is an older post, but I’m still a huge fan of Travis Reynolds’ boards and the beautiful and original artwork he puts on them. Yet another shaper on the nearly endless but still growing list of people I’d like to order a custom from someday…

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