Dane Kealoha, A Killer 80s Stussy, MR & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest Social Media Roundup, which features some Instagram highlights from over the past month or so.

I’ve really been enjoying photographer John Bilderback’s recent posts. Here’s a sequence of Dane Kealoha.

There’s something hypnotic about these shots from photographer Shawn Parkin. To quote one of the comments, “that needs to be a Surfer’s Journal cover.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

The GOAT turned 50 earlier this month. Here’s a great photo of him with Tom Curren. Crazy to think this was taken 30 years ago!

I had never heard of Eric “ED” Diamond before seeing this Instagram post, but he’s obviously got excellent taste in surfboards.

Yes, we’ve all seen the shots of MR in his signature sweater, famously hand knit by his mother, but the bellbottoms elevate his style to a whole different level. Sadly not sure who the photographer is, if you know drop me a line!

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