Morey-Pope McTavish Tracker Ad

Greetings, Shredderz! It’s Thursday evening here in California yet again, which can only mean one thing: another vintage surf ad for your perusing pleasure. This time around we’ve got Sagas of Shred staple Morey-Pope Surfboards, coming in with a colorful ad for the Bob McTavish-designed Tracker model. I first saw this photo published by @vintage_surf_ads on Instagram here.

I’ll always have a soft spot for the psychedelic color palettes on these Morey-Pope boards. As always, there are some great details, too: check out the photo at the bottom right, which shows Morey-Pope label mates Bob Cooper and Bob McTavish exchanging some design ideas.

If you look at the bottom section of the middle column, Cooper talks about how he’s “babied ‘The Machine'”, which I interpret as him saying he modified his famous Morey-Pope Blue Machine design by making it shorter. It would help explain this Morey-Pope board that I posted on Instagram earlier this week, which says “Baby Blue” on the top and has a clear Blue Machine laminate in its usual placement. I can’t say for sure if the “Baby Blue” was an official model, but it was interesting to note the text on the ad compared with the board below.

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