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Greetings, Shredderz! Longtime Shred Sledz readers no doubt know about my fascination with Shawn Stussy’s surfboards. As a brand, I would say I like Stussy, but what I really dig is the fact the streetwear juggernaut has its origins in the humble shaping bays of Orange County. Stussy — and by extension, streetwear as a whole — has its roots in surfing, and that’s something that will never change, hype be damned. And yet one can’t help but notice the cyclical nature of things, as decades later, Stussy is still shaping boards and selling them to eager buyers, who line up outside of a house in Laguna Beach eagerly anticipating the next drop…sound familiar?

As you’d expect, this 80s Stussy is beautiful. The board was previously owned by Damion Fuller of Boardcollector fame. Boardcollector is one of the original blogs — alongside Surfy Surfy, The Big Slide and a few others — that inspired me when I created Shred Sledz. Boardcollector was where I learned that Stussy had shaped for Russell Surfboards before striking out on his own. I’ll always be a fan of the Boardcollector site, as it was one of the first sites where I could see great pics of interesting boards. I think it’s rad this board belonged to Damion. Not only does he have great taste in boards, he also was kind enough to give permission to run his photos here on Shred Sledz.

The colors on this Stussy are mental. There are plenty of loud boards from this era — which I love — but in my humble opinion, no one comes close to Stussy when it comes to pure aesthetics.

You can clearly see the signature on the board, denoting it was hand shaped by Stussy himself. (I’ve seen later era, guessing late 80s / early 90s, Stussy boards with laminates that say “Design Concept Shawn Stussy” but don’t have a signature, which I believe were shaped by Terry Martin and others.) It’s a QZ / 3 model, which I have seen written on a lot of other Stussy thrusters.

That said, just about every other Stussy QZ / 3 I have seen is a standard thruster with a squash tail, making this one unusual. I guess you’d call this one a winged round pin, and I can’t recall another QZ / 3 with a center fin box, either. I wrote up a Stussy QZ / 3 that belonged to John Gothard, a former pro and Stussy team rider, which has a similar winged design, but a squash tail.

Damion literally just sold this board about a week ago, and trust me when I say I’m heartbroken I wasn’t in Australia to scoop this thing up. I love the 80s Stussy boards with the abstract artwork — like this one, for example — but this bad boy is all original and I’m wild about the colors. Ah, well. The hunt for a primo 80s Stussy continues, and in the meantime, I’m happy to write up and admire the ones that come across my radar. Thanks again to Damion for granting his permission to run the pics.

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