Just a Gorgeous Skip Frye K Model

Greetings, Shredderz! Shred Sledz might not have Pulitzer Prize-worthy headlines, but on the bright side, at least they’re accurate. You’ve probably guessed this by now, but today’s post features an extra clean Skip Frye K Model that was listed on Craigslist a little while ago.

I figure that the more pics there are of Skip Frye surfboards available online, the better, especially when they’re as clean as this stick. The K Model is 8’0″ and to me it looks like a recent shape (I’d guess post 2010).

I wrote up a K Model earlier, and you can find that post here. I had the pleasure of surfing a Josh Hall-shaped K Model a few years back and I loved it.

The Skip Frye K Model pictured above has glass on marine ply fins, which you can clearly see. I love how straightforward and even minimalist this board is. For all the hype around Skip’s shapes and the eye-popping prices they can command, this is a board that is best enjoyed in the water, not on the wall or stashed away in storage.

I hope whoever scored this Skip Frye K Model is surfing it regularly (and as someone who has hoarded more than a few boards that have yet to touch the water, I’m not judging either way).

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