Tom Curren Quiver, The Green Iguana & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Per Shred Sledz custom, here are some surfboard-related highlights from social media over the past month or so. There’s some nice range in this edition, if I do say so myself, spanning from a talented modern board builder to some classic Occy vs Curren vibes. Keep reading for more.

Tristan Mausse AKA Fantastic Acid continues to produce next level work. Mausse’s deep appreciation for surf history and culture are complemented by serious craftsmanship and stunning visuals. Check out an earlier writeup of one of his Parlementia Hulls here.

How cool is this spread of Merricks for the one and only Tom Curren? I’m really intrigued by the center board, which apparently is the one Curren rode when he won his famous 1990 world title. I’m wondering if it wasn’t a Maurice Cole shape; Surfline ran an excellent feature about Cole and Curren‘s collaboration in 1990 leading up to the title. One amazing tidbit from the aforementioned Surfline piece: Curren apparently got the idea to work with Maurice Cole after seeing Occy ride his boards!

Speaking of Occ, happy 30th anniversary to “The Green Iguana”, one of Occy’s efforts with Billabong and filmmaker Jack McCoy. And what better tribute to the film than a still of Occy’s iconic backhand attack.

I love seeing these older photos of Michael Ho, father to Mason. Here’s Michael on a Dick Brewer shape, captured by the steady lens of Art Brewer (no relation). Art Brewer has been posting a ton of great photos and the stories behind them on his Instagram so definitely follow along if you’re not doing so already.

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