1977 Herbie Fletcher Surfboards Ad

Greetings, Shredderz! I can’t imagine many of you are wondering about my pet peeves, but here goes. If you’re the type of person that chops up a perfectly good surf magazine to sell each of the ads one by one on eBay, I think that’s lame as hell. And this is probably the most inconsequential act of resistance in the history of western civilization, but whenever I see someone selling a surf magazine page by page on eBay, I take it as an invitation to download the image and publish it here on the blog. Now that I’ve scratched my surf media activism itch for the night, enjoy this 1977 Herbie Fletcher Surfboards ad.

Some cool things to note: first, how sick is that winged pin single fin on the left hand side. Second, if you read the fine print, you’ll notice the picture in the middle is a six year old Christian Fletcher, already the San Onofre Club Surf Champion in the eight years and under division. (Christian’s father took 1st place in both the Masters and Longboard division, and I’m wondering if Marty Hoffman is related to Dibi, Herbie’s wife.) And of course the ad wouldn’t be complete without an Astrodeck mention, too.

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