Liddle Inbetweener Model

Greetings, Shredderz! I myself am not a huge Liddle guy. I have yet to ride one, and riding some of Marc Andreini’s boards is the closest I’ve come to surfing a proper hull. I’m sure I’ll get around to it someday, so if you see me and I’m muttering to myself about minute adjustments to ensure proper flex fin placement, you’ll know I’ve gone full Liddle cult member. In the meantime, though, I always enjoy featuring whatever cool Liddles I come across.

Pictured here is a 7’6″ Greg Liddle hull that was listed on Craigslist a few weeks ago. All pics are via the original listing. No price was given but I’m assuming it sold.

As you can see from the signature, it’s clearly a board that was shaped and signed by Greg himself. The seller described the board as a Liddle Inbetweener model. I have a terrible time eyeballing plan shapes and comparing them, but as far as I can tell, the outline looks similar to the pics of the Liddle Inbetweener Model on Greg’s website.

The seller says the board was shaped in 1977, but I’m not sure where this date comes from. I believe all of Greg’s boards were numbered sequentially, and if that’s the case, I think this Liddle Inbetweener was shaped much later. For context, I’ve seen pics of Liddle #3343, which had side bites and Freestyle fin boxes, which I believe didn’t come around until the 80s. As always these are just my best guesses, and if you know more, feel free to drop me a line and set the record straight.

Last but not least, I love a cool logo detail, and the simple red laminate, placed perpendicular to the stringer, is a cool touch.

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