The Eighties at Echo Beach

Greetings, Shredderz! There are few things I love more than an awesome surf coffee table book, and there simply aren’t many of ’em that are better than Mike Moir’s “The Eighties at Echo Beach.” Maybe it’s because I was born in the 80s, and my very first exposure to surf culture was the garish neon and ridiculous mullets of the era, but no matter when you were born or where you’re from, there’s no disputing that Echo Beach was a vibe. Moir’s photographs convey an expressiveness and a sheer energy that is infectious.

“The Eighties at Echo Beach” is a book I had been meaning to purchase for a while, but could never quite find as the years went on. If, like me, you blew it and you didn’t get it the first time around, I’ve got great news: curator Charles R. Adler has collaborated with Mike Moir, and they’re releasing a Limited Edition Collectors’ Series run of “The Eighties at Echo Beach”, packed with some extra goodies.

Each set includes the following: a stamped cardboard box / case; a DVD copy of the “Echo Beach” documentary, directed by 80s Wave Tools team rider Jeff Parker; a stamped, numbered and signed copy of the book; and a stamped, signed and numbered photograph. The Collectors Series comes in four variants, each with a different photo enclosed. The total cost is $100 and shipping is free in the US. Contact Charles Adler on Instagram to purchase. Personally, I love supporting people who create awesome surfing content, and I’m twice as happy to do it when the images are as iconic as the ones contained in this book. I cannot recommend the book enough, and once these are sold out, they are gone forever, so again, let Charles know if you’d like a copy.

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