Fantastic Acid Quiver, Bird Goes Deep on Fins + More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to the latest edition of the Social Media Roundup. We’ve got some primo selections from a month’s worth of mindless Instagram scrolling. Keep reading for more.

How insane is this selection of Fantastic Acid surfboards? As Matt Biolos of …Lost pointed out in the comments, it likely took hundreds of hours to shape and glass all the boards you see in the picture. It’s a good reminder of just how labor intensive board building can be. I’d say all that work paid off and then some, but nonetheless hats off to everyone who pours so much time and energy into making the boards that allow the rest of us to surf and have fun in the ocean.

For all you fin nerds out there, here’s Bird Huffman of the famous Bird’s Surf Shed digging deep into his stash of fins and giving some great history and context. There’s plenty of substance to go along with the eye candy.

RIP Dick Brewer. Here’s RB in the shaping bay crafting one of his signature guns.

Just in case you’re in need of another reminder of the ocean’s awesome and terrifying energy, here’s Rodrigo Reinoso, live and direct from where you definitely don’t want to be. I just can’t get over the physics of Teahupoo at this size — look at that mutant lip line.

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