Machado in Mex & Mason Ho on a 7’5″ Gun

Greetings, Shredderz! Though Shred Sledz tends to focus on surfboard builders and the history of our sport, I’m every bit as excited by people doing new and interesting things. Today’s entry features two surfers who not only shred but continue to experiment with their equipment in fascinating ways. Keep reading for more.

By now you should know the drill: if it’s a Rob Machado edit, I’m watching. Here’s Machado in Mexico on a 7’0″ version of his Sunday Model for Firewire Surfboards. I firmly believe that you can love traditional surfboard shaping and be a fan of the cool stuff that Firewire is cooking up. For more Machado, check out “The Color of Winter”, the film he recently released with filmmaker Pat Stacy.

Here’s Mason Ho on a 7’5″ …Lost Hawaii Gun shaped by longtime shaper Matt Biolos. Apparently Mason’s dad, Hawaiian legend Michael Ho, loves seeing Mase surf these longer boards, and I have to agree. Check out the last few minutes of the video for an in-depth breakdown of the board, which is always cool to see.

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