Coupla Cool Ones: More 70s Single Fins

Greetings, Shredderz! I love 70s single fins, and there have been a few rad ones floating around online for sale. Here are a few boards that caught my eye, presented in no particular order.

Gosh, this is just a gorgeous board. Look at those colors! How great is that red resin pin line, and then the double Infinity Surfboards logo along the stringer? There are few things cooler than a 70s single fin with some great craftsmanship that has somehow survived the decades in phenomenal shape.

Here’s a cool two tone South Shore Surfboards sting. Clean and simple, with just enough flair thrown in the mix.

Last but not least we have a Surf Line Hawaii winged swallow tail single fin, shaped by Hawaiian mainstay Dennis Pang. I always get a kick out of seeing the earlier work of well regarded shapers. I’m guessing this thing is a minimum of 40 years old. It needs some TLC for sure, but I have a soft spot for Surf Line Hawaii boards, and I really love the artwork on the laminate, too.

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