Single Fin Submissions

Greetings, Shredderz! Here’s two more sweet sledz that got sent in. Thanks as always for passing along some truly epic sticks.

Thanks to Sim Middleton for sending in this righteous 1977 Energy Surfboards single fin shaped by the one and only Simon Anderson. I love seeing examples of Simon Anderson’s boards under the Energy label, and that’s especially true of his work that pre-dates the thruster.

That said, this board has an even cooler back story. Middleton’s father ran Sunshine Surf Shop in Barwon Heads, Victoria, where he sold this very same Energy single fin. Decades later, Sim bought the board back from the original owner, who had purchased it from Sunshine years ago. How rad is that?! Check out Sim on Instagram here, he posts tons of rad boards from his collection.

Thanks to @salted_avocado for sending over photos of this beautiful Caster single fin. As you can see the board still gets ridden. Love the outline and how rad are those subtle double pin lines?

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