Weekend Grab Bag: Vintage Liddle Edition

Greetings, Shredderz! I am neither obsessed with Greg Liddle’s displacement hulls, nor do I love to heap scorn on those who are, which I guess puts me in a surfboard aficionado’s equivalent of a no man’s land. I’ll get around to trying one someday, but let’s face it, the problem with my surfing is not that I haven’t tried enough kinds of boards (it’s the archer, not the arrow). I do really admire the people that have gone fully down the Liddle Surfboards rabbit hole, and any time I find cool examples of Greg’s boards, I like to feature them on the blog. A few more vintage Liddles popped up for sale in the past few days, and as always, here are the details.

This Liddle is currently for sale on Craigslist in San Diego. No, it’s not exactly show room ready, but whatever man, that’s not going to deter Liddle nuts. The board is listed at $500 and I’ll let you decide whether or not that’s outrageous — or who knows, maybe you think it’s just right. I know it’s ironic coming from a guy who writes a column called “Price Checks” but maybe we spend too much time talking about surfboard prices.

Apparently the fin is an original Greg Liddle fin, which is always a cool touch. The board also features not one but two two tone logos! It measures 6’5″ and I have no clue which model it is.

These two Liddle hulls were initially offered at $500 for the pair. They are being sold on Craigslist in Ventura. After the seller got 10 emails in the first hour he quickly decided to take best offer on the boards. The ad is still up, so you might need to trade a kidney for these two at this point. What’s interesting are the lengths on these two — the shorter one is 8’6″ and the longer is 9’6″. From what I understand this is pretty unusual for Liddles, but the listing has pics of the signatures, which detail the dimensions for both shapes.

Last but not least, the Liddle Crash Test Dummies-inspired logo is awesome. I probably prefer the two-tone laminates from the first board in the post, but it’s hard to go wrong here.

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