Insane Morey-Pope Lineup, Beckmeier Bolt & More

Greetings, Shredderz! I’m here with a fresh batch of reader submissions, and we’ve got some heat this time around: one of the craziest lineups of Morey-Pope Surfboards I’ve ever seen, including some rare gems; a Darrell Beckmeier-shaped Lightning Bolt, and a few other goodies. Keep reading for more pics and details.

Many thanks to Randy Rarick for sending in this ridiculous lineup shot of some vintage Morey-Pope sticks. And if you missed my earlier profile of Rarick from the time he was gracious enough to host me at his shaping room, check it out here. Check out that trio of Blue Machines on the left. I’m fascinated by the smallest one at the far left, which I’m guessing is a Baby Blue Machine. Here’s another example of a Morey-Pope Baby Blue Machine I posted on Instagram a while back.

An anonymous reader was kind enough to send in this partial quiver shot. I can’t reveal their name or location, but I am happy to say that they have excellent taste in surfboards.

Last but not least, thanks Scott for sharing this photo of a beautiful 70s Lightning Bolt single fin shaped by Darrell Beckmeier.

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