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Greetings, Shredderz! There are not one but two neat Skip Frye boards for sale online, and as always, I think it’s useful to post photos before the Craigslist posts disappear into the digital ether. First, a quick disclaimer: the second board in this post (the blue one) appears to be an egregious flip, so I’m not linking to the listing. I think prices are the least interesting aspect of Skip Frye surfboards, so let’s shift gears and talk about the shit that actually matters, shall we?

8’4″ Skip Frye 70s Single Fin (Craigslist Orange County)

It’s always rad to see examples of Skip’s earlier work. I’m always a sucker for a cool 70s single fin, and this one definitely fits the bill. (I think it’s also possible the board was shaped in the early 80s.) The board measures in at 8’4″. I posted this to Instagram yesterday, and Bird Huffman chimed in with some great info. Apparently the board was glassed at Ghetto Glassing, which refers to a jerry rigged glass shop set up in the backyard of Larry Mabile’s mom’s house. The excellent Bird’s Surf Shed blog has a pic of Mabile glassing a Skip Frye in 1982. Check out the post for more; I’ve also reprinted the photo below.

Larry Mabile glassing a Skip Frye at so-called “Ghetto Glassing”, which was located in Mabile’s mom’s backyard. Photo via the awesome Bird’s Surf Shed blog

I love discovering these obscure but meaningful pieces of surf history, and Bird definitely has more than his fair share of these committed to memory.

9’1 Skip Frye

According to the listing, this Skip Frye surfboard measures in at 9’1” x 22 1/2” x 2 3/4”. The seller says it’s vintage, and the traction pad suggests 80s or 90s sometime, maybe? Don’t ask me what model it is, because I am famously horrible at eyeballing templates from photos on the internet. I dig the smaller Skip wings on the deck that are offset — it’s a cool touch. There’s some rad lizard artwork on the bottom of the board, which the seller attributes to Donna Frye, Skip’s wife. I can’t confirm if that’s the case but it definitely looks cool.

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