Weekend Grab Bag: Independence Day Edition

Greetings, Shredderz! For all my readers in the US, I hope you’re having a wonderful Fourth of July. It might be a federal holiday but the hunt for sick vintage sticks takes no days off, so here are some cool boards I’ve seen. And as always, per Weekend Grab Bag rules, every board you see below is available for purchase as of publishing time.

6’7″ Horizons West Thruster (Craigslist Los Angeles)

I am endlessly fascinated by the Dogtown scene of Venice Beach and Santa Monica in the 1970s. The building that housed Jeff Ho Surfboards & Zephyr Productions was eventually designated as a Santa Monica City Landmark in 2007. Later on, it served as the home base for Nathan Pratt‘s Horizons West surf shop, keeping the tradition alive. I love the colors on this Horizons West thruster and it looks like it’d be a fun rider, too. I also really dig the blue logo on the deck and then the yellow version on the bottom.

9’4″ Rich Pavel Choice Surfboards Longboard (OfferUp Encinitas)

Here’s my official entry for trippy plan shape of the week: a 9’4″ Choice Surfboards longboard shaped by Rich “Toby” Pavel. I don’t see a signature on the board from the pics on the listing, so I can’t say for sure, but it’s definitely an intriguing one. I really dig reasonably priced boards from well regarded shapers that aren’t in tip top shape but have a ton of life left, and this one fits the bill. The seller is asking $450, which I’d say isn’t a huge steal considering the condition, but isn’t outrageous, either. I’d want to see this one in person before pulling the trigger but it’s definitely one you’d send to a friend urging them to take a peek. Speaking of which, thanks to KC for sending this one along!

7’2″ Rick Surfboards Single Fin by Dan Bendiksen (OfferUp Cypress, CA)

Rick Surfboards is one of my all time favorite cult labels, thanks to their variety of 60s longboard models, and then a ton of awesome 70s single fins. They’re pretty plentiful, too. This board is super interesting because it was shaped and signed by Dan Bendiksen. Bendiksen was part of the early stable of Bing shapers, where he shaped many of the David Nuuhiwa Lightweight and Noserider models. I had no idea Bendiksen shaped for Rick, but it makes sense given the shared roots between the Bing and Rick labels. Bendiksen passed away in 2004 — here’s a nice obituary that goes into some cool detail.

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