Absolutely Smokin’ Terry Fitzgerald Hot Buttered Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! While I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to Australian surf history and shapers, I’d like to think that I make it up with enthusiasm. And trust me, there are few boards I get more stoked about than Terry Fitzgerald‘s iconic Hot Buttered shapes from the 70s — doubly so when they’re adorned with Martyn Worthington‘s unmistakable airbrush art. So when an anonymous collector shared this board you see here, you can imagine my excitement. Many thanks to the kind person who went out of their way to take some quality photos of a truly special board, and then gave me permission to share them here. I also can’t state this enough — if you have a rad board of your own, please send me a message. My response times aren’t what they used to be (and they were never really my strong suit), but it’s always a pleasure to hear from fellow surf history enthusiasts. Anyway, onto the goods: check out this ridiculous Hot Buttered Surfboards 70s single fin, hand shaped by the Sultan of Speed, and sporting an awesome piece of Worthington art.

The board is in all original condition, which is shocking. Wings (or “flyers”, as I believe Aussies call ’em) and swallowtails are usually the first to get busted up, but here they’re in great shape. You can barely make out some small repairs at the very tips of the swallowtail, and a couple of fixes on the bottom towards the nose, but that’s about it. The board measures 7’3″ and I’m not sure what year it was shaped, but definitely sometime in the 70s (guessing maybe 73-76, but I could be wrong).

You’ll notice there’s no leash plug to be found anywhere on the board. A small hole has been drilled in the fin instead, which is pretty common for boards from this era. And while the eye goes to the beautiful wave airbrush that dominates the bottom of the board, the yellow and green airbrush and the black pinlines are also examples of top craftsmanship.

And as for that spray…it’s so sick! As a regular foot I naturally prefer rights, but let’s face it, I can’t handle big barrels like this one, even when they’re airbrushed on an inanimate object.

Last but not least, here’s a closeup of the glass on fin, which again, doesn’t show much sign of use. Overall this board is an insanely well preserved example of Terry Fitzgerald’s 70s shapes, and I hope you dig it as much as I do. Shout out again to the anonymous person who took all the photos of the 70s Hot Buttered single fin featured in this post!

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