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Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Grab Bag. All the boards featured here are listed for sale as of publishing time, so if you’ve been looking to start a fight with your significant other over the alarming growth of your surfboard collection, you’ve come to the right place! I can’t make any promises in terms of marital harmony, but I can (probably) guarantee a fleeting burst of serotonin from an impulse buy disguised as a deeper cultural pursuit. We’ve got three boards from three California craftsmen who are well regarded for their custom shapes: Wayne Rich, Jeff McCallum and Ryan Lovelace. Keep reading for more.

9’6″ Wayne Rich Modern Classic 2 (Craigslist Santa Cruz)

Here are some unsolicited thoughts on the best approach to buying surfboards. First and foremost, patience is key. If you’re not in a rush and you’ve got dry powder, all you gotta do is look until the right thing pops up on your radar. And when something fits the bill, you gotta move quickly and decisively. Usually there’s a tradeoff between quality and price, and while you can’t ever fight the laws of gravity, as long as you’re patient, you can score some bargains. This Wayne Rich Modern Classic 2 model is $850, which I personally think is a solid deal for a board from a shaper of Wayne Rich’s pedigree. It’s not in perfect condition, but the seller has helpfully documented the existing repairs, and it’s hard to imagine buying this one and not getting your money’s worth. (As always, though, you never know a board’s condition until you’ve seen it in person.)

7’2″ McCallum Twin Fin (Craigslist Los Angeles)

Mid length twin fins are all the rage these days, and here’s a cool example from cult San Diego shaper Jeff McCallum. I’m almost certain the board was laminated by Alex Villalobos AKA Superwolf, whose abstract art always blows me away. At $1,350, this McCallum twin isn’t cheap, per se, but getting a custom from McCallum isn’t easy, and it looks like it’s in very good condition.

6’8″ Ryan Lovelance FM (Craigslist Orange County)

Here’s another mid length from another California shaper with a long wait list. Ryan Lovelace‘s FM Design has enough going on the scratch the itch for any surfboard nerd, between the twinzer-esque fin setup and the unique channel bottom design. I also admire Lovelace’s continued commitment to hand shaping every board that bears his name. Seller is asking $1,100.

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