Jet Surfboards

Greetings, Shredderz! Today’s post is more of a photo essay than anything else, featuring Byron Bay surfboard label Jet Surfboards. Many of the boards seen here were either shaped by Dennis Anderson and/or feature his artwork. The older photos are also from Dennis’ personal stash! There isn’t a ton of information on Anderson available online, but check out this Surfing World article, where none other than Derek Hynd speaks highly of Anderson and the respect he commanded in local lineups.

Many thanks to Marcus for sharing the photos you see here. Marcus owns the boards featured in the newer pics, and as you can see, he’s put together quite the collection. It’s always a thrill to learn about unfamiliar surfboard labels and especially the craftsmen who make it all happen. Personally, I always get a kick out of learning about Australian surf history. I’ve always loved the country, and I simply don’t get as much info about Aussie labels and shapers given that I live in California. I’d love nothing more to spend some extended time in Australia and focus Shred Sledz on Aussie boards and surf history during that stretch, but in the meantime, posts like this will have to suffice. These boards are stunning, and I hope this post gives more people the ability to appreciate both Jet Surfboards and Dennis Anderson’s amazing work.

Jet Surfboards

Finally, here are some historical Jet Surfboards photos, including a shot of Dennis Anderson at the bottom.

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