Shawn Stussy Personal Single Fin

Greetings, Shredderz! We’ve got a special board for you today. It’s a Shawn Stussy-shaped single fin from what I believe are the early days of his brand. Even better, I believe the board was one that Shawn made for himself. Keep reading for more.

Sadly, I don’t have the dimensions of the board seen here, but all the photos were sent to me by @funguyfick. Thanks for sharing this killer stick and giving me permission to write it up here on the blog.

After a stint at Russell Surfboards in the 70s, Shawn Stussy launched his eponymous label in 1980. Before long, the t-shirts he made to promote his surfboard label would go on to propel the brand to worldwide fame, and cement Stussy’s status as a renowned designer. The Stussy brand’s durability is insane, especially considering the fickle tastes of the modern consumer. And while I’m only dimly aware of what the clothing label does nowadays (and Stussy himself hasn’t been involved for quite some time), I love the surfboards not just because, well, I like surfboards, but due to the fact that hand shaped boards were the catalyst for a brand that helped define street culture.

I think this board was likely shaped in 1980 or thereabouts. I haven’t seen very many Stussy single fins (though there are plenty he shaped for Russell — check out these two I’ve written up), which I suspect were made during the very early 80s, before twin fins and of course the thruster became the preferred fin setups. There are a few other signs, starting with the logo. Stussy has talked about how the logos for his early boards were made using hand cut masking tape and then sprayed; you can also see how the logo above differs to the one here, which I believe was a later board.

If you look closely, you’ll also notice the tagline beneath the Stussy logo reads “Equipment for the Post Modern Age.” I’ve only seen Stussy boards with the “Equipment for the Modern Age” tagline; I’m guessing at some point Shawn dropped the “post” part.

Former Stussy rider John Gothard has spoken about how Stussy went through a period where he was very into James Bond, and he inscribed “007” on all of his personal boards. Stussy would also sign Gothard’s boards “008”. Check out this video where Gothard explains more. The board is very clearly signed by Shawn, and I’m all but certain the “007” means he shaped it for himself, too.

Anyway, there you have it. This board would be killer on its own — I’ve gotten this far without talking about how much I love the pink and green color scheme — but the fact Shawn Stussy shaped it for himself gives it another special dimension. Thanks again @funguyfick for sharing this rad piece of surf history!

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