Some San Diego Sticks

Greetings, Shredderz! We’ve got a few sleds with San Diego roots that have been posted online recently, and I thought I’d feature them here.

Up first we have a 6’10” Encinitas Surfboards twin fin, apparently shaped in 1980. It’s still up for sale online somewhere, and no, it’s not on Craigslist. Happy hunting. I’ve had a small fascination with John Kies’ shapes under the Encinitas label, especially after seeing some pictures of Joel Tudor surfing big winter swells at Black’s Beach on a beautiful down rail egg shaped by Kies. From what I can tell, Encinitas Surfboards shapes pop up for sale pretty frequently, and they’re reasonably priced, too.

Speaking of Joel Tudor and eggs with San Diego provenance, pictured above is a beautiful Sunset Surfboards Shrosburger model, shaped by Bill Shrosbree. Shros shaped for Tudor’s dad back in the day, and years later, Shrosbree shaped for the Joel Tudor Surfboards label. The Shrosburger is 6’10”. I love that airbrush — clean and simple, sick without being too showy, it’s perfect. If you look closely you can see the Clark Foam laminate at the tail.

And just in case one Sunset board with a beautiful airbrush wasn’t enough, check out this racy winged pin single fin that was recently sold on eBay. Not sure who shaped it but it’s a doozy. Surprised it only went for $200. I suppose that’s still mostly in the ballpark, but still, this is a really cool board.

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