Weekend Grab Bag: Farrelly Stringerless + SNI Aipa Sting

Greetings, Shredderz! The Weekend Grab Bag makes its triumphant return with two very cool boards, both being sold by the same seller. Bonus points for the fact that one of the listings references this humble blog — always cool to see. Anyway, today we’re featuring a G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless Model and a Surfing’s New Image Aipa Sting. Finally, check out the bottom of the post for some text only links to some cool boards currently for sale.

G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless (Craigslist Monterey)

It turns out I already featured this 7’10” G&S Midget Farrelly Stringerless board in a now-ancient post; I think it’s even the same seller. I really dig these older stringerless boards, especially the ones made in Australia by shapers like Gordon Woods, etc. I’ve since heard that Skip Frye shaped a number of G&S Midget Farrelly boards, but I’ve yet to verify that with reliable sources.

SNI Aipa Mike Slingerland Sting (Craigslist Monterey)

The vast majority of the Surfing’s New Image Aipa stings were shaped by people other than Ben Aipa, mostly Mike Slingerland and Rick Hamon, two very well regarded shapers in their own right. Here’s a clean example of a Slingerland shape, with some cool fluting on the wings and a rad airbrush on the deck. Board comes with a nice looking original fin, too.


  • Speaking of cool Mike Slingerland boards, here’s a Surfboards Hawaii single fin with some insane airbrush details. It’s only 5’9″ but the artwork is insane and it looks to be in great shape.
  • Cool vintage Hansen with rad abstract artwork
  • Love these 60s Rick Longboards. This example might be priced a tad at the high end, but still cool to see
  • Here’s a partially restored vintage John Holly egg. I have a Holly egg myself and it’s one of the boards I ride (and enjoy) the most

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