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Greetings, Shredderz! I am beyond stoked to announce a brand new collaboration on a line of hand crafted fins. If your money is absolutely burning a hole in your pocket, then you can skip right ahead — Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz is now available for purchase on the Shred Sledz Shop. For the standard Shred Sledz experience, though, keep reading for an in-depth post that goes deep into the collaboration, and the various historical influences that led to this limited collection of hand made foils.

Traditionally, Shred Sledz has focused on vintage surfboards and the history of the sport. But it’s just as interesting — and important, in my humble opinion — to spotlight the people who are currently carrying on surfing’s deeply rooted traditions of building and experimentation.

One such craftsman is Bryce (who prefers to go by his first name only). I first discovered Bryce Fins when he wrote a post on Jamboards describing his line of foils. I was struck by the simple, straightforward description: “Bottom line, this fin works.” Intrigued, I reached out to learn more.

I ordered a 8.5” Bryce Fins BD Template and put it in an egg I already liked. The fin was an instant catalyst, transforming a good board into a magic one. I was blown away by how the fin created more drive and responsiveness in the turns, seemingly out of thin air.

Bryce has a relentless curiosity about the intersection of surfboard performance and fin design, which he has channeled into a line of hand made fins. Bryce Fins are modern in their approach to high performance, and also informed by a deep appreciation for surf history and the evolution of surfboard design, building upon the work of people like Larry Allison, Paul Gross and Esteban Bojorquez. Bryce’s fins are also inspired by boards from California’s most influential shapers, whether it’s Greg Liddle’s displacement hulls, Gordon & Smith 70s single fins, Bonzers and almost everything in between.

The Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz collaboration encompasses four different fin templates in a ruby red colorway, exclusively available in the Shred Sledz Shop. Bryce Fins are made right here in California, consisting of 32 layers of 7.5 oz Volan fiberglass, glassed with US-made polyester surfboard laminating resin, and painstakingly hand foiled to achieve the desired flex characteristics.

I’m incredibly stoked about this collaboration with Bryce Fins. I’m a big fan of Bryce’s thoughtful, committed pursuit of a better surfing experience, and the hand made equipment he has built to enable it. The best thing I can say about Bryce Fins is that they are designed for one purpose: to make your board surf better, so you can have more fun.

I hope you try some Bryce Fins and enjoy them as much as I do!

Click here to purchase Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz. You can also keep reading below for a detailed description of each fin, including some awesome details around how each of these templates came to be.

Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz: The Fins

The BD (8.75”) Bryce and good friend / shaper Terry Topanga developed The BD to complement boards inspired by 70s Gordon & Smith single fins. Larry Allison, the long time fin maker behind Fibre Glas Fin Company, was also instrumental in developing this template, guiding Bryce and Terry as they continued to refine the design. This is Bryce’s personal favorite template. The BD is a versatile fin that will go well in just about anything other than a displacement hull. Think of this as an alternative to the classic “all around” fins, e.g., Skip Frye’s template, Andreini’s A Flex, etc. It is the fin equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, good for just about any combination of board, wave and conditions.

Super Twang (9”) The Super Twang is a product of incredible serendipity. Bryce’s friend James wrote a note to legendary Liddle rider and Malibu local Esteban Bojorquez, asking for advice on how to make fins for displacement hulls. James and Bryce were shocked when Bojorquez sent back a handwritten note accompanied by the last Volan flex fin he had made, with instructions that basically amounted to “here you go, enjoy.” Bryce took a template off the Bojorquez fin, took it to Larry Allison, and the two continued to make adjustments until they arrived at the design you see here. The Super Twang is the essential displacement hull fin, and it would not be possible without Bojorquez and the foundation he laid. The extended base on the Super Twang is the secret sauce to the all-important flex, allowing the entire fin to flex along the whole length of its spine. The Super Twang creates the magical slingshot feel out of turns that hooks hull devotees for a lifetime. This is the displacement hull fin template.

The KD (8.5”) Like the Super Twang, the KD has its roots in hull surfing. The template first came about when Zac, a friend of Bryce’s, asked him to modify Larry Allison’s stock Greg Liddle template by making the base even wider. The KD (named after the initials of Bryce and Zac’s respective last names) has a wide base that gives it more hold, and as a result, the ability to put even more into turns. Simultaneously, the narrow tip enables the KD to really spring out of turns and quickly offload pressure on the fin. Finally, the wide base enables surfers to ride a smaller fin, even in boards with wider tails, for additional control. Bryce recommends the The KD for hulls, eggs / mid lengths and speed shapes. It’s a reliable and sensitive fin for people looking for precise surfing.

PG Flex Spoon (9.75”) The PG Flex Spoon is a unique longboard fin that’s meant to enable both crisp turns and more time on the nose. As the initials suggest, the PG Flex Spoon was developed in conjunction with Paul Gross. Bryce was riding a few Spoons shaped by Gross and felt like he couldn’t find a fin that allowed him to both noseride and do the kind of carves he had in mind. Add in a dash of influence from the fin Renny Yater designed for his famous Spoon model, and you have the PG Flex Spoon. Foiling these large flex fins by hand is a hard and time consuming process, but the payoff is worth it and then some. The end result is a hefty, miniature sculpture that has to be held (and surfed!) to fully appreciate.

We’ve only produced a handful of each template, so check out the Shred Sledz Shop if you’d like to purchase the collaboration with Bryce Fins!

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