Victor Bernardo, Andy Irons & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Here are some rad edits I’ve enjoyed lately:

It’s only 1:19 long, but hey, it’s most likely the smoothest minute and change of your life this week. Bonus points for the Bill Withers soundtrack.

You’d think there’d be more evidence of AI’s surfing on YouTube, but I personally haven’t found a ton of luck finding some really great clips. Here are some B Sides that still did it for me. The waves aren’t great but they’re playful enough to give Irons something to work with, and he delivers. Check out the Nalu TV YouTube channel for more great clips.

When do we get to see a full blown Victor Bernardo edit?! There are teases that pop up on Instagram and YouTube every now and again, but I’m dying to see something more in-depth.

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