70s Bolt, Takayama Egg & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Yeah, it’s time for another Weekend Grab Bag, so we can all take a peek at some of the boards currently listed for sale online. There’s some nice variation here, starting with a cool Lightning Bolt single fin, and including an 80s Takayama egg and then a Freeline Design stick. As always, all boards are currently for sale as of publishing time, and you can find more details below.

6’11” Lightning Bolt Single Fin (Craigslist Los Angeles)

Lightning Bolt Surfboards was probably the single most recognizable surfboard brand coming out of the 70s. So much so, in fact, that you see a ton of boards from totally unrelated labels with bootleg bolt logos on them. I have no idea whether this one is legit, but between the outline and the glass on fin, it definitely looks the part. The dims match up, too: 6’11” x 19 1/2″ x 3″. Listed price is $875.

8’6″ Freeline Design Mini Longboard (Craigslist Santa Cruz)

I’m not sure exactly what you’d call this board — a mini longboard, perhaps? It’s in pretty incredible shape given its age. The seller claims it was shaped in the late 70s. John Mel is the father of Peter Mel, and the family has owned Freeline Surf Shop for years. This one looks like it’d be super fun to ride. Seller is asking $875, which might be a bit on the steep side, but I dig it.

7’4″ Donald Takayama Thruster Egg (eBay)

I’m a sucker for these Donald Takayama eggs. I bought one last year and I’ve been really digging it, although I don’t get to surf it as much as I would like. I think the seller is a bit ambitious with the price ($875), but again, these boards are rad. It’s got a clear signature from Takayama on the deck, but given the volume of Takayama’s output over the years, I don’t think it’s nearly as simple as saying “a signature = hand shaped.” It’s definitely a cool board, and even better, fun to ride.

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